HICS Inc. was established back in 2014 and we are experts in real time nano accuracy measurement and inspection.
Currently, we successfully developed a whole new machine vision backed by cutting edge 3D-NDM/R and 3D-NDM/T technology that can readily applicable to various industries. We believe our technology and products will bring an innovation in Nano industry rapidly and dramatically, especially in the machine vision area.

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    Why is it so difficult mid to large sized OLED becomes popularized? LG Display – one of the top display makers – announced its throughput (yield) rate of UHD OLED just stood at 65%. When it comes to OLED, in spite of its very similar production process, compared to LED, its highly integrated degree of precision make it very difficult to find defects. It is very difficult to find the defects. Eventually, low throughput(yield rate) dramatically damages market competitiveness.  

  HICS’ 3D-NDM/R and 3D-NDM/T technology can measure and inspect the nano scale depth real-time thanks to our light hologram data application. None of the currently existing inspection machines can provide quantitative data of 3D nano scale defects and foreign materials. Especially, our cutting edge high speed image processing technology requires only one shot of hologram data to provide real time 3D defects data. Only one shot! This is why HICS technology can readily be applicable to various manufacturing processes.


  Current market size reached 221bn USD and Asian players with the market size of 95billion USD drive AMOLED display market. As the market is rapidly moving to high integration – high precision, there is a huge demand for nano scale inspection technologies.
  Our technology will create great value in the AMOLED Display, Semiconductor, and microlens market by improving yield rate quickly and drastically. On top of that, this technology will be applied to Nano Integration market whose market size is over 3bn USD and its annual growth rate is 20%.


  We have been sticking to answer the two key questions: How fast & How much accurate can we measure? Conventional inspection technologies- WSI & Confocal Microscope – have a great drawback. They are very slow. Very very slow. It is because they require a huge amount of image data to sustain its accuracy. On the other hand, AXI, AOI, and SPI methods are way behind in terms of accuracy as they require to use many cameras. They are still at micro level. HICS we only provide rigid nano inspection solution not only with speed but also accuracy.


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2014 – HICS Company Established

2015 – Corporation in Formation

Founder Ph.D. Lee and 25 members

Seon-Oh Lee, Ph. D

CEO & Image Processing Engineer